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Cinnamon Fern

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Cinnamon Fern is a low-maintenance type commonly found in moist, swampy areas due to its partiality to wet soils. The first encounter with this type goes back over 75 million years. 

Cinnamon Ferns Trun Yellowish-Green When Young

After these sprout out of the base, they begin to turn yellowish-green in appearance and grow to be anywhere from two to four feet long.

The Cinnamon Fern Is A Larger Native Fern Species

It got its name because the fronds take on a brown color at their fertile stages. The fronds can spread to approximately 30–150 cm long and 2–2.5 cm wide. 

The Cinnamon Fern Spreads By Spores

These fertile pieces can be spotted not only by their brownish hue but also by their spores. These spores drop off the fronds as colder months approach, but the fronds remain intact and in good health.

Cinnamon Fern Love Shade 

Cinnamon ferns are recommended for planting in full to partial Shade and moist soil areas rich in texture. They are primarily found in boggy areas throughout the wild and appreciate a damp environment. If planted within a vessel, the planting container should be 4.5 inches or more.