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Creeping Phlox Plants

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Quantity 25 Plants

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Sarah Mayfield
Horrible experience

I ordered my phlox months ago to receive "blooming" in May. I checked in half way through May and was told that the shipment would be sent the last week in May. The last day of May I emailed again as I had still not received my shipment. I finally got a response stating that it would be coming the next week. I have been planning a vacation for months and explained that if the shipment would be coming after the 7th of June I would not be there to accept it until I returned on the 19th. I was told that the shipment would be delayed but it came while I was gone anyways. My mom kept the plants watered but they were in horrible shape. I would attach a picture if I could, the plants are tiny, root bound, and brown and dying. I got the few in the ground that still had any remnant of green, but it might be too late for them too. I am so frustrated and disappointed with this experience, every time I have contacted customer service I have been brushed off instead of anyone actually solving the problem.

Creeping Phlox's mat-forming nature and attractive color options make it a must-have for many garden landscapes. Known by its scientific name, Stolonifera, this herbaceous plant is a relatively moderate-growing ground cover that can flourish in various conditions, including crevices in stone walls and rock gardens. This perennial can be found in many different color variations, such as pink, red, purple, blue, and white.

Creeping Phlox Almost Looks Like Moss

A member of the Polemoniaceae botanical family, you may hear it referred to as Moss type or even Star Rock type. It will reach a mature size of up to one foot tall by about one and a half feet wide. It can grow individually. However, it thrives in large colonies as it can transform any landscape.

Creeping Phlox Has Need-Like Foliage

Native to North America, this perennial features green needle-like foliage. This adds a unique texture to any garden when it isn't in bloom. Once the Creeping Phlox experiences late spring to early summer, it will unleash a plethora of blooms. This mat-forming type grows in large clusters, each flower with five petals that reach about one inch across.

Creeping Phlox Attracts Bees And Butterflies

One unique aspect of this herbaceous type is its fragrance during the summer months. It lets off a distinctive cannabis-like aroma. It will attract butterflies, bees, and pollinators during blooming. This delightful carpeting type is ideal for slopes, rock gardens, and even the front of a border.

Creeping Phlox Is Resilient To Rabbits And Deer

Whenever this hardy creeping phlox reaches the end of its blooming season, it will reveal its moss-like foliage again until winter's frost sets in. It is resistant to both rabbits and deer. This small starry plant will be sure to add splashes of color to any landscaping design.