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Sumac Shrubs

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Size 1-2'
Quantity 25 Shrubs

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Dwarf Sumac: Rhus typhina, the eye-catching dwarf sumac, is a North American native species from the eastern and central states. The species grows best in the moderate USDA plant hardiness zones.

Dwarf sumac is an abundant plant in the United States, appropriate as a tall shrub or small tree. The plant is drought-tolerant, pest-resistant, and disease-resistant.

It forms thickets as it matures, making it ideal for installing as a privacy hedge or for blocking an unsightly view.

Dwarf sumac shrubs love the partial sunshine and drier soil--they can even grow in rocky soil conditions. Because of this, TN Nursery often recommends the dwarf sumac for gardeners who need a plant to fill a semi-shaded slope to avoid grass cutting.

The dwarf sumac is a beautiful ornamental deciduous shrub that can add bold color and texture to your landscape.

Dwarf Sumac Care and Maintenance

Dwarf sumac is easy to grow and resilient. Here is how you can foster plant health:

  • Where to plant the dwarf sumac: Find a partially sunny location to install your dwarf sumac. It can withstand a few hours of full daily sunshine. However, it enjoys partly sunny spots better than anywhere else.
  • Watering needs of the dwarf sumac: As it grows, the dwarf sumac needs about an inch of weekly watering. However, it is relatively drought-tolerant once it matures.
  • Soil requirements: The dwarf sumac needs well-drained soil, preferably amended with organic wood materials like peat moss, mulch, or organic compost.

Dwarf Sumac Enjoys Graceful Good Looks

The dwarf sumac is a shrub with narrow leaves that alternate on the stem and form points at their tips. The leaves are pale golden-green green on top but pale underneath. They grow into a short but abundant and well-shaped, asymmetrical crown.

Dwarf sumac's yellow-green flowers emerge in the late summer. Those give birth to clusters of small red berries that hungry birds will enjoy.

In the fall, the leaves generally deepen into a rich red color but could also turn deep amber or orange.

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Dwarf sumac is a lovely addition to your landscape, especially helpful in hilly landscapes that make cutting grass hazardous. Order your Dwarf Forsythia from TN Nursery today.