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Elderberry Shrubs

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Size 1-2'
Quantity 25 Shrubs

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Elderberry is a deciduous, multi-stemmed, small tree native to the United States. The shrub is a hardy tree that flourishes across almost all contiguous 48 states.

Elderberry Is A Very Hardy Shrub

T.N. Nursery recommends this bush to customers who want a species that is drought-tolerant, cold-tolerant, heat-tolerant, and agreeable. Besides the following are a few other familiar names that refer to this species:

  • American elder
  • Common elder
  • Elder tree

The Elderberry Shrub Is Super Easy to Grow

This species grows naturally without human intervention. You see them along ditch banks, on the south—or west-facing edges of woods, along light or utility lines, or in open fields. These spots represent their preference for full sunshine or a partially sunny location.

When you plant your bush, find a spot with the appropriate sunlight and recreate the woody material the species enjoys in the woods. Add a good handful of hardwood mulch, peat moss, compost, or leaf litter--it craves these woody materials. A young tree requires about one inch of water each week.

After strengthening and growing a little, your tree will become relatively carefree. It will demand nothing of you except water during an extended drought.

Elderberry Shrubs Can Reach 12 Feet Tall

They are bush-like and rounded in shape. They grow as high as twelve feet tall and might grow as wide.

Opposing, bright green compound leaves grow in clusters of seven to eleven leaflets. They are oval-shaped with a narrow tip, light to bright green, and up to six inches long. They have sharply serrated edges. In autumn, the leaves usually turn bright yellow to deep amber.

They blossom profusely in late spring or early summer. Clusters of many quarter-inch cream-colored flowers produce fat, round, purple to black berries.