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Concord Grape Vine Plants

Sale price$169.99

Size 3-4'
Quantity 25 Plants

Customer Reviews

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Mohammed Hannan
Charged the card but did not deliver the product

I ordered 25 pieces of Concord grape tree but I have received only 1 piece. Contacted customer service, they asked me to send the picture of what I had received. I sent the picture and did not get a response.

Concord Grape Vine: If you love the fruit but have lacked the confidence to try growing it in the past, TN Nursery has a treat for you: Vitis labrusca.

Concord Grape Vine Are Very Popular

TN Nursery specializes in supplying customers with one species. We sell no other types, and we don't plan to sell any others. Why?

They are rich green with beautiful triangular foliage. They grow in large clusters and turn into a rich, deep blue-purple that's a sight to behold.

Concord Grape Vine Are A North American Native Species

It takes its name from Massachusetts, where an industrious young farmer named Ephraim Bull propagated the first ones for commercial production. Before then, these grew in the wild throughout the Northeastern United States and into Canada.

Despite its New England roots and fame in the New York and Pennsylvania wine industry, they tolerate heat, and southern gardeners also enjoy growing them in home gardens. TN Nursery ships the vines throughout the entire nation.

Concord Grape Vine Produces 20lbs Of Fruit Per Season

They require a trellis or support structure to help the tall ones grow upright, reaching tall toward the sun. Each can produce up to twenty pounds of fruit per season, so consider the sturdiness of your structure.

Concord Grape Vine Lives For Over 40 Years

Another critical factor in your site selection for your vines is their longevity. They are long-lived fruits that may live up to forty years. You must also plan for well-amended, fertile soil that drains well, as these plants do not prefer to stay wet for extended periods.

When you consider the long lifespan of the Concord Grape Vine and the high yield per vine, they offer you tremendous value.