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Hairy Buttercup - 25 Plants

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Hairy Buttercup Ranunculus sardous, pasture buttercup

Hairy Buttercup: Ranunculus sardous, which most know by the name hairy buttercup, is a hardy perennial plant that appears each season in the early to middle of spring. As the snow melts away and the sun begins to warm the earth, this sweet yellow flower is one of the earliest arrivals.

TN Nursery suggests this plant in full-sun natural areas or garden beds.

Although found widely across North America, this flower originated in the Mediterranean regions of Europe, Asia, and North Africa.

Hairy Buttercup has a festive Appearance

The plant grows in expansive clusters. Its leaves are broad and bright green, with softly rounded lobes around the leaves. They grow to about a two-food maximum height.

The stems of this compact flower give this flower its common name. As they grow straight and erect in warm spring temperatures, they show off tiny hairs on the stems and leaves.

The flowers are a cheerful bright yellow, welcoming warm springtime temperatures. Each flower has five petals that create a cup shape when open; they have a matching yellow center. The blossoms are on the small side, measuring under an inch across.

You will primarily see the cheerful blossoms from spring through the middle of summer; the flowers go to seed during late summer and early fall, multiplying and continuing to cover your garden.

Hairy Buttercup care and maintenance

Thehairy buttercuploves to bask in the full sunshine--as do many pesky weeds. Cultivating the hairy buttercup can help eliminate weeds as they rob the nutrients and moisture from those unwanted growths.

Plant them in full-sunflower beds, border gardens in a middle row, moderately spreading ground cover plants, or pollinator gardens, where they attract bees, moths, and butterflies.

How to Care for Ranunculus sardous

The hairy buttercup is a hardy perennial; it needs little care from the gardener. They love full sunshine and are drought-tolerant. They need a thin layer of mulch to put it to bed in the late fall and twice-annual fertilizing. Besides these basic needs, Ranunculus's sardous needs only require a little care.

Hairy Buttercup Plants are available at TN Nursery

A hairy buttercup is an excellent option for a cheerful yellow flower that will work in the full sunshine. Order from TN Nursery today.