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Jacobs Ladder

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The evergreen climbing plant Jacobs Ladder is a native North American species. Although it comes primarily from Mexico, it is resilient, hardy, and well-adapted to most parts of the United States. American gardeners have enjoyed cultivating this lovely floral vine for about two hundred years—TN Nursery ships this vine to almost every growing zone in the U.S.A.

The plant's name has Biblical origins. In the book of Genesis, a young man named Jacob dreamed of a heavenly ladder leading from earth to God. The climbing nature of this plant pays homage to that story.

Jacobs Ladder Is A Small Climbing Plant

Relative to other climbing plants, it stays relatively small. It generally grows to around three feet tall and is lovely when placed on a small arbor, trellis, or low fence.

They will also attach to tall, sturdier flowers and begin their ascent. Some creative gardeners grow sunflowers in beds with it to create a charming purple and yellow show of color in the summer. It makes a great companion plant with any tall and sturdy flower to create a similar complementary display—the only limit is your imagination.

Jacobs Ladder Has Show Stopping Purple Blooms

If you want to see the glorious purple blooms, you need full sun in a partially sunny spot in the garden. You can plant it in the shade if you need a low evergreen vine; however, it will not likely blossom in the full shade.

They require watering only during extended periods of no rainfall, twice-annual fertilizing (before and after bloom times), and well-amended soil. They are relatively easy-natured and won't demand much of your time.

Jacobs Ladder Is A Evergreen

Jacob's Ladder is a lovely evergreen vine that tops around three feet high, making it very manageable. Order yours from T.N. Nursery today.

The plant's evergreen vine is rich, deep green. It will give you a welcome respite of green even in the winter.

The Blooms Of Jacobs Ladder 

The white, blue-violet, or purple flowers measure about two inches across. Each flower has five oval petals that create a shallow cup shape. They bloom in attractive clusters containing up to six showy blossoms.