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Jewelweed - 25 Plants

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Customer Reviews

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Mark Manning
Love my inpatiens

This plant was in great shape when received and just as advertised.

Carol Colquitt
Jewel Weed

This is a wonderful addition to our yard.

Carol Colquitt
Jewel Weed

This is a wonderful addition to our yard.

Ronald Beeks
Jewel Weed

This is a wonderful addition to my flower garden. Looks great where I planted it.

Jewel Weed is also known as Impatiens Capensis.

Jewel Weed Can Give Relief to Poison Ivy Itch.

Though prevention is the best way to deal with Ivy Rash Poison. However, there are some incidences where you encounter the Ivy Rash by accident.

Ivy Rash is known to cause awful itching; the only way to relieve that is by applying the extracts from the Jewelweed. However, if the case is severe, you must go the extra mile to extract the plant's excerpts. That is why buying jewelweed extract is more convenient than removing the extract yourself.

Jewelweed also comes in handy when you develop scabs.

However, you need to rub the infected place longer in this case. Even when one forms a crust, it takes longer for the blisters to heal. Jewelweed salves and poultices are natural remedies for burns, sprains, sores, ringworms, eczema, and bruises.

You may wonder what to do when your body immediately comes into contact with a poison ivy plant and you don't have any jewelweed. You should take these three steps within the first ten minutes; the first step is to gently rub alcohol into the infected area, rinse the place with water, and then use soap and warm water to wash the area thoroughly. It helps prevent the poison ivy's urushiol from reacting with the skin proteins.

Jewelweed works to completely neutralize urushiol, an antigen oil produced by poison ivy. The Urushiol oil can be carried and then transferred to your skin by many things, such as toys, clothing, pet fur, and shoes.

Jewel Weed will produce lovely orange flowers and appear in clusters on the plant. It does excellent in moist soil conditions.

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