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Lily Pads Plants

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Quantity 25 Plants

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Brian Anderson
Love these yellow trout lilies

Amazing quality. Very satisfied.

Water Lily Pads: No water garden or pond is complete without vegetation to create a healthy ecosystem. TN Nursery explains to customers that they provide a three-fold purpose in your pond.

Lily Pads Will Spread And Do Well Year After Year

They are an aquatic perennial that will spread year over year. They need full sun, and each plant can span six feet across.

First, they provide a haven for frogs who help control the bugs around your water. Without the safety of a lily pad, fish would consume the frogs--and the mosquitoes would become uncontrollable. They also attract healthy insects--pollinators like dragonflies and bees.

Lily Pads Protect Aquatic Life

Second, they protect fish from birds of prey who could quickly empty your pond of life. Fish instinctively hunt and hide in the shadows of the camouflage they provide.

Finally, these aquatic types facilitate the vital addition of oxygen to the pond. Growing them helps add oxygen to fish or wildlife in your pond.

The Lily Pads Roots Is Under Water

You might wonder how the roots of this type grow underwater. They break the water's surface from the long tubers attached to the root system. They collect the light needed for photosynthesis and growth and send it back to the roots via those tubers.

The Graceful Appearance of the Water Lily Pad

is bright green and rounded, with pronounced attractive veins. They can grow approximately twelve inches wide.

The graceful and welcoming flower forms from multiple erect petals with a long, narrow shape. The flower comes in a range of beautiful hues:

  • Bright pink
  • Blush pink
  • White
  • Cream to light yellow
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Purple

They are prolific growers and bloomers that don't require your care after planting.

Water Lily Pads are available to purchase at TN Nursery

Do you want to add greenery and flowers to your water garden? Order water lily pads from TN Nursery today.