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Lizards Tail - 50 Plants

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Teddy Knoe
Lizards Tail

This is a wonderful addition to our yard.

Lizard's Tail Grass, or Saururus cernuus, is an Aquatic Perennial Plant.

Lizard's Tail plant is typically 1-2 feet tall but can reach a height of 4 feet. This plant enjoys the sun but will bloom in full to partial shade. The medium-sized leaves are heart or arrow-shaped. The leaves will be 1 1/2 inches wide and 3-4 inches long. Lizards' Tail bloom from June to September. This plant produces a bottle brush spike of white flowers.

Lizard's Tail is Native to the Marshes and Wetlands of Florida

These flowers later form seed pods once they reach maturity, resembling a lizard's Tail, where the flower gets its name. These seed pods are wildlife food in their native habitat, though the plant is not known to be a food item. This plant grows into small colonies from underground runners, so it may occasionally need to be divided, which can be done in spring. While this plant can be put into the ground, as long as it is in a very wet area, it is common to find it immersed in a container in home ponds.

Lizard's Tail requires very little maintenance.

This Grass is a fragrant plant, the leaves, roots, and blooms have a pleasant citrus scent. It is an easy-care plant that isn't known to have problems with insects or disease. You'll usually find people using this plant in water or bog gardens. Another frequent use is around pond edges or in ornamental pools. It also grows well in tubs.

It is a great plant to add to the areas around your pond or lakes. It also likes moist to dry soil conditions. This plant will also provide fish and other water wildlife food. This plant would even look great in a water garden.

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Climate Zone: 5-9

Mature Height: 4 Feet

Mature Width: 1-2 Feet

Growth/Year: 1-2 Feet

Sunlight: Full Sunlight

Soil Conditions: Wet Soils

Botanical Name: Saururus Cernuus

Type: Herbaceous perennial

Family: Saururaceae

Ships As - Bareroot Plant