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Marsh Hibiscus Plants

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Miguel Sanchez
Marsh Hibiscus

Just received my order 6 days ago planted all down new sprouts 3 days later! So far very happy with the order

Marsh Hibiscus is a perennial shrub that will, on average, come back for two years. It grows from one foot to ten feet tall from the ground and produces a medium-to-large flower.

It is a plant but often considered a shrub

The Marsh Hibiscus Blooms Can Be The Size Of A Dinner Plate

The flower consists of five silky petals that will be pink or red. Depending on the color of the petals, the center around the stamen will be a deep purple or dark red, contrasting the color of the petals. The stamen is yellow with small pollen balls on the ends, giving the flower a splash of bright color.

It is a shrub commonly found in the Southeastern region of the United States, particularly near marshlands and open spaces.

Even though this beautiful shrub grows and thrives in wet swampland areas, it is simple to grow at home! This perennial shrub prefers partial shade/sunshine and moist soil but is known for doing well under various environmental conditions.

Marsh Hibiscus Blooms In Early Spring To Late Summer

Known by many different names, these hardy perennial shrubs are scientifically known as Grandiflorus, Commonly known as Marsh Hibiscus. Regardless of the name, the flowers are just as breathtaking every time they bloom.

The peak of their blooming season falls between early spring (March) and late Summer (August). With a six-month blooming season and being a perennial plant, you'll enjoy this new addition for a long gardening season.

The Marsh Hibiscus Is Easy To Care For 

This unique Marsh hibiscus is a perfect starter shrub for any beginning gardener because they are hardy, easy-to-care-for types. Once planted, the root systems imbed themselves into the soil, and with plenty of water, it will be the perfect, low-maintenance addition to your yard.

The Marsh Hibiscus Is A Eye-Catcher

Whether you are starting a new flower bed or want to add an eye-catching flowering shrub to your yard, this type is right for you!