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Northern Spice Bush Shrubs

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Size 1-2'
Quantity 25 Shrubs

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Northern Spice Bush is a deciduous, medium-sized hedge that will perform well in the warmer U.S.D.A. plant hardiness zones. Its common name comes from its leaves and berries, which emit a mildly spicy aroma when bruised or crushed.

The species is native to the eastern United States, mainly in the southeastern region, the lower midwest, and west, as far as Texas and Oklahoma.

Northern Spice Bush Loves Full Sun

In nature, the hedge grows in clearings, meadows, and slopes with full sun or partial sunshine. It requires about an inch of water per week but prefers to stay dry, so quick-draining soil is necessary.

Once Northern Spice Bush Is Settled It Is Very Hardy

However, once you meet the light and drainage requirements, the hedge will become very independent; it needs nothing more from you except water during a dry week.

T.N. Nursery customers often order them to use in these locations:

  • Shade garden (in a partially sunny spot)
  • Rock garden
  • Pollinator garden
  • Natural area
  • Urban garden
  • Native species garden

The Northern Spice Bush Tops At 15 Feet Tall

The northern spice bush is a nicely sized species that can reach about fifteen feet high but also tolerates pruning. Its leaves are medium—to dark green, oval, and about five inches long. They turn gold in the autumn.

Northern Spice Bush Has Stunning Gray Bark

The bark is grayish-brown and has light speckling. Tiny medium-yellow to dark gold flowers appear in small but attractive clusters in the early weeks of spring. These flowers later produce clusters of fruits--red berries that ripen in the late summer through early fall.

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