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Pennsylvania Smartweed Plants

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Pennsylvania Smartweed is a colorful North American native flowering herb—a close relative of buckwheat. An perennial species grows from seed each year in almost all USDA plant hardiness zones. It prefers partial sun to full sun. While it will grow in the shade, the flowers will not form or blossom without sufficient light.

The plant grows in a wide range of unlikely locations in the wild, including in the standing water of swamps or storm ditches or across open fields and prairie lands. It flourishes in harsh growing conditions that challenge most other flowers.

Where Pennsylvania Smartweed Does Great

This flowering herb adds natural beauty and charm in a variety of settings, like these:

  • Rock garden
  • Shade garden (in a partially shaded spot)
  • Natural area
  • Water Garden
  • Pond
  • Native species garden

This wildflower requires a minimum of one inch of water every week, especially during the hottest summer days.

Pennsylvania Smartweed Can Reach 3 Feet Tall

The Pennsylvania smartweed is a wildflower with effortless, casual beauty. It reaches a mature height of 18 to 36 inches and features a smooth, upright, sturdy, brown, or burgundy stem.

The Pennsylvania Smartweed Has Glossy Green Foliage

The leaves of the plant alternate up the stem and are between four to six inches long, oval, and three inches wide. They are glossy, dark green, and form a lance shape with tiny hairs around the edges.

The Pennsylvania Smartweed Has Beautiful Pink to Purple Blooms

The flowers usually present as pink to burgundy, although they may also be dark red. The multiple blossoms form a spiked shape measuring about three inches tall. These blooms appear from the middle of summer until the first kiss of frost in the fall.

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