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Santa Rosa Plum Trees

Sale price$89.99

Size 1-2
Ships Spring 2025
Quantity 25 Trees

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Samuel Miller
DOUBLED the price???

Well, I wanted to order more until they DOUBLED the price overnight. No thanks 🙄

Samuel Miller

Wish I could order more

Victor Parker

good quality fast shipment

Planting elusive fruiting trees such as Santa Rosa Plum can be a good investment in your future. These plants are ideal for both the environment and your pocketbook. This article will go through the advantages of this type. 

Santa Rosa Plum Trees Is Stunning In Landscapes

Beautiful for Landscaping: The main advantage of Santa Rosa Plum Trees is their beauty. These plants are loaded with color and produce multiple flowers in subtle yet sensual shades. They can boost your landscaping project by adding a particular touch of nature.

Santa Rosa Plum Trees Absorbs Heat

Decrease Carbon Footprint: Planting fruiting types can reduce your carbon footprint. Your home will also have better insulation properties and be more attractive. They are possibly potted in soil, increasing their ability to absorb heat.

Santa Rosa Plum Trees Will Lure Wildlife To Your Landscape

Feed and Protect Wildlife: Fruiting types are a great animal source. Many birds love the fruits and can glide down from them to your home. Additionally, they are home to squirrels and other small animals.

Santa Rosa Plum Trees Will Increase Your Property Value

Boost Real Estate Value: The final advantage of planting Santa Rosa Plum trees is the real estate value you will receive. These are the perfect, low-maintenance addition to your yard and will add curb appeal while increasing the resale value of your property.

Some are directly related to your pocketbook, while others are associated with your environment and home value.