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Red Daylily Plants

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Kim Warren
Love my red daylilies

Best all-around flower to add to one's flower bed. Love the color.

Red Daylily thrives in most growing conditions, so gardeners of every skill level can successfully grow it. There are so many incredible varieties of daylilies. Still, the flower is one of the most beautiful and impressive. This lily is considered a classic beauty and is added to traditional flower gardens.

Red Daylily Has Yellow And Scarlet Colors In Them

This color is more noticeable because of the deep yellow-to-orange throat at the center of the flower. Together, these two colors create an impactful bloom.

The Red Daylily Has Stunning Green Foliage

The flowers sit atop vivid green stalks, with several buds emanating from each branch. Lush green foliage makes a bushy plant grow in the spring before pushing up stalks in late spring and creating blooms at summer's start.

While gorgeous, the blooms do not last long, sometimes only surviving for a single day before they begin to wither, and the next color on the stalk blooms.

Multiple flowers on each stalk mean you can enjoy its gorgeous blooms for up to a week.

Red Daylily Is Very Very Hardy

These are incredibly tolerant and drought-resistant. For these reasons, they are often put in areas considered too complex to grow in a garden, providing foliage and color in otherwise empty spaces.

Planted together, the lilies thrive and can fill in an entire hard-to-grow area. Once you have the bloom, you can leave them independently because they do not need further tending or care.

The Red Daylily Can Live For Over 80 Years

The blooms will return the following year once you have grown the red daylily for a season because they are perennials.

You can get more than one flower for your money as an investment flower. As the red daylily returns each year, they multiply and can be divided to plant in other parts of your garden.