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Red Maple Seedlings - Package Of 100

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Size 6-12''

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Red Maple Seedlings are among the most famous trees in the United States. Beautiful and abundant, this tree is one of the most popular trees for landscaping in the United States.

The Red Maple Seedlings Grow 2 Feet Per Year

The trees grow at a fast rate of 24 inches per year and generally reach a maturity level between 50 and 75 feet. In rare cases, some can grow much larger. Because of the tree's rapid growth, it is a popular choice for lining new subdivisions.

The Red Maple Seedlings Become A Stunning Red In Fall

It is known for its deep scarlet color in the fall. The fiery colors look brilliant, especially during dawn and dusk. Beautiful clusters of Scarlet flowers bloom from winter to spring. Their branches sweep upward into an oval-shaped, compact canopy.

The Red Maple Seedlings Leaves Are Hand-Shaped

The hand-shaped leaves are 2-4 inches long and have distinct divisions. The leaf underside has a whitish hue. Like all deciduous leaves, they fall during the winter months. These trees have a very flexible culture. They can be planted in any soil, wet or dry. This tree produces seed pods that resemble double-winged Samara. The seeds inside the pods usually mature during springtime. The Red Maple seedlings do best in full sunlight. A good drenching of water in drought conditions keeps them full and supple.

As Red Maple Seedlings age, the tree bark changes from smooth with a grayish-brown hue to a more rough, brown appearance. They also produce sturdy wood that is regularly used in the construction and furniture industries.

The Red Maple Seedlings Turn In To Huge Trees In No Time

While the tree thrives in any condition, severe drought can reverse the effect and cause the crown to diminish. These are massive trees. But the largest on record sits in the Great Smokey Mountain National Park. This monster, listed in the National Register of Big Trees, is 141 feet in height and 7 feet in diameter.