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Red Oak Trees

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Size 1-2'
Quantity 25 Trees

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Red Oak trees are known for their open canopy. While they usually reach 70 to 80 feet in height in a garden, wild ones can grow much taller.

The Wood Of The Red Oak Tree Is Strong

In addition, there are dozens of species of it. It is common throughout the Midwest and plays a significant role in the timber industry. Because it is so strong, it is commonly used for timber, flooring, and furniture.

They are among the most versatile types out there.

There is a never-ending list of fun ideas for it, making it one of the best options for your garden.

Wildlife Loves The Red Oak Tree

Once yours is planted, you should take care of it properly. Fortunately, it doesn't require a lot of work! As long as it has sunshine, you should be all set!

  • Support a tire swing from one of its thick branches
  • Provide you with plenty of shade during the summer
  • Act as a fun jungle gym for your children
  • Make the perfect backdrop for a fun Christmas card
  • Provide plenty of delicious acorns for local wildlife

If you like to watch the leaves change during the summer, consider planting one in your office or home garden. It is an excellent addition to your landscape because it makes a robust and sturdy appearance.

Red Oak Trees Do Not Require Much Maintenance

While you need to water yours regularly after it is planted, it doesn't require supplemental irrigation. It grows well in just about any soil condition.

Red Oak Trees grow well in the wild, particularly in the Southeast, so they should also grow well in your yard! It would be best to prune them in the right shape for your yard; however, this is only sometimes necessary. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy it!

Why You Should Plant a Red Oak Tree 

It would be best to have one in your yard for several reasons. The top features include:

  • It can provide a symphony of beautiful colors that rotate throughout the year between scarlet, orange, yellow, bronze, and green.
  • You can use it as a reliable source of shade when the weather gets hot outside.
  • The towering type can be a great playpen for your children.
  • You can support local wildlife, such as deer and squirrels, which will love the acorns that drop from it during the year.

Take advantage of these beautiful features and plant one in your yard today!

If you are looking for a healthy plant to add to your landscape, consider this one. It is robust and hearty, multiplying and living for decades.

Red Oak Trees could be the anchor that brings your entire home or office garden together! At TN Wholesale Nursery, we can help you find the perfect ones for your property. Contact us today!