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Red Weigela - 25 Shrubs

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Size 3-4'

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Red Weigela is a Beautiful Blooming Shrub

Red weigela shrub grows to a manageable one to five meters high. It produces showy five-lobed blooms, sure to attract hummingbirds and other nectar-feeding wildlife while being aesthetically pleasing.

The Red Weigelia shrub has a friendly nature and beautiful foliage and blossoms

This shrub does well in moist, well-drained soil and is full of partial sunlight. The plant takes pruning exceptionally well and, if care is taken, can be shaped to suit the horticulturalists.

These shrubs bloom in late spring to mid-summer and are considered low-maintenance in most climates.

Red Weigela is a Very Attractive Centerpiece for any Landscape or Garden Design with its Beautiful Foliage and Blossoms.

The red weigela is an excellent choice if a hearty and attractive shrub is needed to accent the landscaping design or as a centerpiece in a garden.

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