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Shasta Daisy Plants

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Danny Shrum
Love my daisies

This is an excellent collection for my landscape. Very satisfied with the color.

Shasta Daisy is a perennial with white petals, yellow disk florets, and glossy dark green leaves. Their Latin name is Leucanthemum maximum, and their botanical name is Asteraceae.

Shasta Daisy Was Made 100 Years Ago

This stunning flower was created over 100 years ago by Luther Burbank, an American Botanist, Horticulturist, and Pioneer in agriculture science. There are several Shasta daisy varieties:

  • Gobham Gold is a double flower head and yellow disc.
  • Horace Reed is a double white flower head and in-curved disk florets.
  • Snowlady is a single white flower head

Shasta Daisy Is The Love Me Love Me, Not Flower

Cute cliches have always existed regarding daisies, such as but are not limited to, oops daisies, fresh as one, and he loves me, he loves me not. Daisies create a sense of cleanliness, innocence, and hope.

It Is Good To Separate The Shasta Daisy Every Couple Years

They are prolifically reseeded, so separating and replanting them every few years is necessary. They grow great in beds or containers and are terrific for cutting flowers to use in arrangements. 

Deer is not attracted to them. After the bloom, deadheading is an important step to ensure continued flowering. Deadheading is nothing complex; snip the dead bloom from the plant and toss it away. 

Shasta Daisy Grows Great In Containers

It will signal it to reproduce another flower. Dried and used in floral arrangements, the Shasta daisy is extensively used. They need fertile soil and good drainage, so some plant them in containers.