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Shooting Star Plants

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The Shooting Star is a native plant in many parts of North America. It produces bright pink flowers that will catch your eyes whenever you encounter them.

This flower is a beauty to behold and has attracted people who have domesticated it on their farms. It comes from the Primrose family and has many notable names, such as Pride of Ohio and American Cowslip.

Shooting Star Grows Best In Early Spring

The flower grows well in early spring when the temperatures are optimum, and the soil is moist. The lace-shaped pink leaves grow to 6 inches long and 2.5 inches wide, giving the perennial a stunning appearance. However, in late spring, the conditions are unfavorable for its growth, and the perennial becomes dormant.

The Shooting Star Plant Requires Minimum Care

The perennial generally grows in many parts of the United States with minimum care. However, for better results when planting it on your land, you must choose slightly acidic soil with a pH value ranging from 6.8.

Putting them in slightly acidic soil will facilitate their faster growth. Between May and June, they take approximately two months to mature, and they blossom well in clay soil and forests under tree molds.

Shooting Star Does Great In Zones 4-8

The perennial is thought to perform well in the U.S.D.A. growing zones 4 and 5, 6, 7, and 8, with impressive results. The Midwestern, Northeastern, and Southeastern U.S. regions are the most notable areas with such conditions.

The perennial grows between one and three feet in favorable environments to reach maturity. Because of its beautiful nature and aesthetic value, many people have begun to develop the shooting start plant, which aids in conserving the environment. People also grow it because of its ornamental beauty, especially when it thrives in spring.

The Shooting Star Plant Fights Soil Erosion 

Its fibrous root system holds the soil together and reduces the chances of soil erosion. The shooting start plant was essential to the Greeks, who worshiped it and said the gods catered for it. Though not scientifically proven, the flowers from the perennial were thought to help women during pregnancy.