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Siberian Iris Plants

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Quantity 25 Plants

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Lola Jane
Love the purple blooms of the iris

Very satisfied with my purchase. I received them very fast and in great shape.

The Siberia Iris is a beautiful flower that symbolizes joy and innocence. It is a common sight in gardens and the wild. It grows to 3' tall and can reach a single stem of flowers up to 1' in length. The flower has a sweet but subtle fragrance. It is one of the most essential ornamental perennials for shade and garden borders, especially for its spectacular show in the spring. The hardy perennial does not need extensive culture; even the most frigid winters cannot kill it. 

Siberian Iris Does Well When Planted In Fall

The bulbs are easy to grow and are often planted in the fall before the ground freezes or earlier in milder climates before winter sets in. They are not frost-hardy, but they will not be killed by frost itself, so they can be planted where other bulbs will be frozen as long as these soils are

Siberian Iris Blooms A Stunning Deep Purple

The Siberian iris is a beautiful deep purple perennial native to Europe and Asia. It has extended green leaves and a tall stem that produces navy blue flowers. The plant can be ordered online at T.N. Nursery for a low price and fast shipping nationwide.

Siberian Iris Has Exotic Green Foliage

The Siberian iris is a perennial with tall stems and green leaves that produce beautiful violet-blue flowers. It can be bought online at T.N. Nursery for a low price with the fastest shipping possible. This perennial has gorgeous white or blue flowers and can be purchased online for a low price with the best shipping anywhere in the U.S. Order now! Fantastic summer deal at T.N. Nursery!

Siberian Iris Makes A Stunning Bouquet 

You can have a fresh bouquet year-round in your home or garden with just a few perennials. Who doesn't want that? The best part is that it's easy to care for! They're tough, drought-tolerant, and don't need a lot of sunlight to grow! Join our newsletter to receive coupons, freebies, and more. Give your home or business the beauty and color it deserves with it from T.N. Nursery today!