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Spiraea Japonica - 25 Plants

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Size 3-4'

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Spiraea Japonica

Spiraea Japonica: Japanese Spiraea, or Spiraea japonica, is a low-maintenance, deciduous shrub that arrived in the United States as a gift from our friends in Japan. Although a native Japanese species, Japanese Spiraea is well-adapted to many growing conditions in the moderate to warm USDA plant hardiness zones.

Besides Japanese Spiraea, you might hear some gardeners call Spiraea japonica by several other names, as follows:

  • Bumald Spiraea
  • Goldmound Spiraea
  • Japanese Meadowsweet

After planting, you must fertilize and water it for one or two seasons; it requires little to no care besides weeding upon maturation.

How TN Nursery Customers Use Spiraea japonica in Their Landscapes

Spiraea japonica is a dwarf shrub that reaches a maximum height of between four and six feet and tolerates either full sun or partial shade. This smaller size makes it ideal for many uses throughout the yard.

Here are a few ways gardeners use this species:

  • Butterfly garden: The bright pink flowers on Spiraea japonica will attract butterflies and moths to help pollinate your garden.
  • Foundation planting: Some homeowners use this as a foundation planting, mainly along the south or west-facing sides of their home that get almost full sunshine.
  • Shade Gardens: This short shrub is ideal if you desire more color in a partially shady spot.
  • Natural areas: Spiraea japonica will be lovely with others in natural areas. Better yet, they will be small and manageable.

Spiraea japonica Has Immense Natural Beauty

Japanese Spiraea is a plant that will bring a beautiful, deep rose or pink color to your landscape in the late spring and early summer. It's well-loved for its color and easy-care nature.

Glossy green leaves grow alternating patterns on coppery brown stems. The leaves are one to three inches long, serrates on the margins, and are oval. The shrub grows erect with a somewhat rounded crown.

Spiraea japonica flowers open in early to mid-summer. They have a pleasant, soft fragrance. The flowers are deep rose pink. Although they present as single, large flowers, each cluster comprises tiny quarter-inch, five-petaled blossoms.

Order Spiraea japonica From TN Nursery Today

Spiraea japonica will give you a showy pink color in June or July--order your Japanese Spiraea from TN Nursery today.