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Stella De Oro Daylily - 25 Plants

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Customer Reviews

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Stella Layne
Great yellow perennials

These beautiful yellow flowers go great with the rest of my flowers.

Bruce Holloway
Just love my yellow daylies

Very satisfied with the color. I will be ordering again.

Stella De'Ora Daylily is easy to care for

Stella De'Ora is the most popular flowering perennial in the Hemerocallis genus of more than 60,000; it was developed in 1975. You can quickly identify these flowers due to their classic trumpet-shaped bloom.

It can thrive in full sun and grow around 10 to 12 inches tall.

Although the plant does well in the full sun, when planting in a more southern region, the plant might do better with a small amount of shade to ease the effects of long heat exposure.

This plant works in various humusy, dry, rocky, and even sandy terrains.

You should note that the flower needs to do better in highly moist soils with little drainage. The plant only requires around one inch of water per week but can survive up wot several weeks without water.

This plant is also known to offer a wonderful fragrant smell all summer long that attracts many beautiful butterflies. Another vast appeal to planting this Daylily is that the flower is essentially free of any severe pest issues or diseases.

The only minor concerns would be the occasional mites, aphids, or thrips that can pop up on the Daylily, as well as a fungal rush disease but only in certain regions.

This perennial is an affordable floral option for gardens and outdoor landscapes. The plant is a deep rich yellow color leaving vibrant traces along any garden area.

The plant is a great affordable option when looking to brighten up any dark, muted floral area. It is recommended to plant the Daylily around 12 to 18 inches apart to allow them to expand slowly over time and not require division for a minimum of several years.

It is an excellent floral option for landscaping for many different reasons. These flowers typically do very well in full sunlight, add a huge pop of color to the area, and are extremely easy to care for and maintain over time.

Additionally, like many other daylily hybrids, this Daylily does not require division every few years. Instead, the "Stella" daylily will stay nicely compacted where it has been planted until an individual decides they would like to propagate a new plant.

This perennial is known as America's favorite Daylily. It is easy to care for Daylily. That likes full sun, though it will tolerate partial shade.

Unlike most daylilies, which only bloom once, the golden-yellow blooms will appear multiple times per year, generally in early to mid-summer and again the late summer, allowing you more time to enjoy the beautiful, fragrant flowers.

It is perfect for small spaces or mass planting. These daylilies typically grow to 10-12" tall and are low-water plants, making them reasonably low-maintenance.

This flower is excellent for those new to gardening and seasoned gardeners looking for a low-maintenance plant. The beautiful flowers make this plant a must-have for any garden or flowerbed, and are also suitable for erosion control, so consider it if you're struggling with erosion issues.

It can provide a beautiful and effective erosion control method. It's an ideal option for shrub borders or as ground cover on slopes.

Stella De'Ora Daylily may also bring butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden.

This perennial performs best when planted during early fall or spring. Once the Daylily is done flowering, gardeners should also try to remove the spent blooms and seedpods.

It will help keep the plant Looking fresh and encourage it to rebloom.

This perennial is an ideal plant for all gardeners. It can add beautiful golden-yellow trumpets for a pop of bright color in a small space or cover a hillside and work to prevent erosion.

Just in case you're not sold, here is a summary of the great features:

Growing Information

  • Direct Sunlight or Partial Shade
  • Low-Water
  • 10-12" tall
  • Multiple Blooms/Rebloomers

Other Attributes

  • Suitable for Small Spaces or Mass Plantings
  • Good for Erosion Control
  • Attracts Butterflies and Hummingbirds
  • Low maintenance

Stella De Ora Daylily is a spectacular early bloomer.

Daylilies, short-lived but spectacular early bloomers, are an attractive choice for many gardeners.

Still, it is a fantastic choice among daylilies and is designed to rebloom again and again: Particularly if you deadhead your Daylily.

When flowers turn to produce seeds in plants, most of the plant's energy is concentrated on the production of the seeds. So if you cut the flower stems off, the plant will be free to create new blooms. Do this, and you can have blooms in your Stella De Ora Daylily from May into late August.

This plant produces brilliant, yellow, bell-shaped flowers and arching, grass-like leaves. Typically, this perennial grows to about 10 to 12 inches tall.

This perennial is thus perfect for line pathways or in groups. And great for gardeners is that these hardy plants do well in growing zones 2 through 9. This plant attracts bees and hummingbirds.

The great thing about growing them is that they are such hardy plants that they do well in poor soil and with little water.

Plant your Daylily in a sunny location with only partial shade, give them some well-drained soil water occasionally, and you are done. Hummingbirds and bees love this plant and do well as potted plants and gardens.

Meanwhile, other insects and pesky rabbits tend to stay away. About the only downside to these lovely flowers is if you have cats. Of course, if your cat is indoors, that is no problem, but as the plant is very toxic to cats, keep them away from your Stella De Ora Daylily.

As long as you continuously deadhead, removing the spent flowers every few days, these lovely plants will repay your attention continuously. As to winter, Stella De Ora Daylily is very hardy.

They will do well in the winter if you prepare them in the fall. When the levees become yellowish or skanky, cut them off. And if you live in a warmish climate, they may come back very early in the spring. Stella De Ora Daylily is For Sale Online at Nursery with Low Prices and Fast Shipping.

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