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Sycamore Seedlings - Package Of 100

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Size 6-18"

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Sycamore Seedlings- Platanus occidentalis is North America's most prominent indigenous tree.

Sycamore, a buttonball or buttonwood tree, is a giant indigenous tree in North America. Because of this, it requires a lot of space to grow. This tree grows best in zones 4-9 and requires full sunlight to ensure maximum growth.

These trees require clay, sandy, or loamy soils and average to wet conditions. A fast grower, the tree can grow over 2 feet yearly and reach a maximum height of 75-100 feet. At full maturity, they can be over 80 feet in spread width. It makes excellent shade trees in large yards or fields.

Sycamore Seedlings make an excellent addition to parks, river banks, wetlands, and floodplain areas.

These are large trees that will house a variety of wildlife, from squirrels to wild birds. Birds and other animals eat the seeds produced. The appearance of the bark is unique and multi-colored, featuring shades of green, brown, and yellow against white as the old bark sheds away.

The leaves on this tree are huge, up to ten inches wide, and feature a glossy green top and a soft, white underside. They closely resemble Maple leaves. The seeds grow in balls, hence the name buttonball tree.

These hardy trees are used in areas where the soil is hard-packed and unsuitable for further growth. They also make an excellent addition to parks, river banks, wetlands, and floodplain areas. The ability to survive in very wet soils makes this tree natural for areas where other hardwoods fail.

Considered a valuable timber tree, the trunk of a mature tree can measure up to ten feet in diameter. These trees are natural noise buffers and offer excellent shade while tolerant of urban and rural conditions. These trees are shipped to your home for quick planting and superior plant health.

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