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Thuidium Moss - 25 Square Feet

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Customer Reviews

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Rebecca Smith
Thuidium Fern Moss 5 sq ft

I so love this installed in shaded area at the side of my pond. These are mini fern mosses that gives a natural look of greens around.

Deann Holloway
Thudium Moss

This is a wonderful addition to my flower garden. Looks great where I planted it.

Thuidium Fern Moss provides an excellent ground cover or lining for hanging plants. Delicate fern moss has a velvety texture and resembles a tiny fern, hence its name. Consistently moist, acidic, shaded soil is ideal for growing ethidium fern moss. As it spreads, ethidium fern moss forms a lush carpet of what looks like tiny ferns. It usually stays closer to four inches and ranges from dark green to light green or yellow.

Thuidium Fern Moss is used in landscaping. It is Planted at the Base of shady trees or on Logs or Rocks.

As the Moss spreads, it will grow over the rocks and logs, creating a unique and lush landscape that attracts many beautiful birds. Moss exists worldwide, in North and South America, Europe, Siberia, and Asia. It has many uses besides landscaping and is often used in orchid cultivation to help with the orchid's picky water restrictions.

This Moss is an excellent ground cover in a shaded garden

In the Himalayan Highlands, the Moss is used for chinking in buildings. Thuidium fern moss, or delicate fern moss, is a lush perennial that provides an excellent and beautiful ground cover in any moist and shady spot around your yard.