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Tree Moss - 5 Square Feet

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Customer Reviews

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Ruth Stanley
Tree Apron Moss 5 sq ft

Perfect for a mini forest look landscaping. So lovely to feel the coolness around your space.

Bill Schumer
Climacium Tree Moss 5 sq ft.

I have this experimented in my garden at the back of my farm house. Still expecting good results to prosper. Thanks TN nursery

Timothy Bivens
Tree Apron Moss

looks great around the roots of trees

Tree Moss Climacium dendroides

Tree Moss: Climacium dendroides, is a lovely, dark green color. Most people purchase it from TN Nursery as a ground cover plant to beautify spots in the yard where they cannot grow grass.

You might hear gardeners refer to this moss by several names, but tree moss is the carpet-like moss that creeps up trees, and it is beautiful.

Regardless of the name, it is worthy of consideration in your garden. This moss grows naturally throughout North America and Europe, thriving on rocks, boulders, and logs.

Tree Moss Can Serve Many Purposes in Your Landscape

Most people use mosses to fill in bare patches of lawn. However, you can use your imagination and put it to use in almost any shady or semi-shady spot.

Some gardeners usetree mossto accent their rock gardens or shade gardens. Others use it to seal the moisture in container gardens or houseplants. It is also an excellent companion plant for other plants, as it helps draw and retain excess water.

Climacium dendroides tree moss is also an excellent plant for moss lawns, but it works best in areas where it will receive very little foot traffic.

Wreath-makers cultivate rock cap moss to harvest to make beautiful wreaths and floral arrangements.

Tree Moss Is Decorative Anywhere You Grow It

Tree moss displays long, narrow leaves with a glossy, bright green surface. The leaves have softly toothed ridges, adding an intriguing textural element to the landscape.

This species is known for its dark green color, spreading quickly with minimal care from you. All it might need is a little water on dry or hot days, especially after you first plant it.

It does not have a specific soil preference--and can even grow on rock ledges in shady canyons--but it will do best in a shaded to semi-shaded location.

Order Your Tree Moss From TN Nursery

TN Nursery proudly digs their plants only upon order, ensuring fresh, healthy plants arrive at your door. Order your rock cap moss from us today.

Tree Moss Polytrichum commune is for sale online at TN Nursery