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Twinleaf Plants

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TN Nursery proudly offers Jeffersonia diphylla, or twinleaf, a native North American species. It originated in the moist deciduous forests and woodlands of eastern North America. Despite its origins, this plant will also grow well in the moderate temperatures of the Midwest and mid-South regions.

Gardeners prize the twinleaf for its spectacular green stems and leaves and its lovely flowers, which appear soon after the first leaves enter springtime.

Although twinleaf does produce charming blooms, it is a perennial that grows up to three feet tall.

Twinleaf Plant-The Ethereal Appearance

Twinleaf shrubs blossom in the early days of spring--in March through May, depending on local conditions--when everyone is ready for the cheery nature of flowers.

Each flower contains eight white petals with softly rounded edges and a light green to yellow center. They may appear in small, eye-pleasing clusters or singly, in the lovely, random perfection that only Mother Nature can produce. The flowers have a pleasant, soft floral aroma.

"twinleaf" refers to the leaves, which are light- to medium-green in color and form in pairs or twins. Each pair has a heavenly appearance, similar in shape to an angel's wings emerging from a thin, woody stem.

Where to Use the Twinleaf Plant in Your Garden

Twinleaf prefers full shade, although it can tolerate filtered shade. It has an attractive appearance that will serve you well as an ornamental perennial but can also serve as a specimen in a shade garden.

Like most native species, twinleaf does not demand much care. If you plant it in the shade, amend the soil with fertilizer in the early spring and fall, and water it during dry spells, it will give you years of pleasure.

Order your Jeffersonia diphylla from TN Nursery today--we dig each order fresh to ensure you receive the best quality bare root plants.