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Winterberry- 50 Shrubs

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Size 1-2'

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Sylvia Rojas
I would love to give you a great rating, but the winterberry plants I ordered we’re supposed to b...

I would love to give you a great review, but unfortunately I am very dissatisfied with the quality of the product. I ordered 100 winterberry plants that were supposed to be 6-12 inches tall and the ones I received aren’t even close enough to be called plants, they looked like toothpicks. I will never buy more plants from you again and will never recommend it to anyone.

Winterberry (Ilex verticillata)

Ilex Verticulata "Winter Red" Winterberry Shrub

Winterberry: Ilex verticillata, or the common winterberry, is a beautiful deciduous shrub that gardeners cherish for the cheerful, small, bright red berries that brighten up an otherwise bleak winter landscape. The shrub usually stays under twelve feet with a sprawling, shrub-like look; however, some trim the lower branches as it grows to give it the appearance of a dwarf tree.

The winterberry is a deer-resistant, disease-resistant, and pest-resistant North American native species. It is not particular about light conditions and will thrive in full sun or partial shade almost everywhere in the United States, growing in zones 3 through 9.

Winterberry is a holly family member with glossy, dark green three-inch-long leaves with serrated margins. The berries develop in the late fall, petite (under an inch around) little fruits that stay on the stem throughout the winter--the perfect sustenance for winter birds.

Winterberry Makes a Colorful Landscape

TN Nursery customers choose this shrub for the winter color and their love of birdwatching. Here are a few appropriate locations to plant one in our landscape:

  • Pollinator garden
  • Bird garden
  • Shade garden
  • Winter garden
  • Rock garden

How to Grow Ilex verticillata

Ilex verticillata is an unfussy plant that requires only a little care. Its native habitat is the forests of the Appalachian Mountains, where the earth is fertile and moist. Recreating those growing conditions in your garden will make your winterberry shrub almost carefree.

Add a hefty scoop or two of compost or a slow-release fertilizer when you plant your shrub. Be sure to give it about one inch of water per week for the first several weeks to allow the roots to strengthen; after that, it will become self-sufficient.

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