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Yellow Coneflower - 25 Plants

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Feed the bees! They absolutely love this plant I have over 40!

Yellow Coneflower

Native to the midwest portions of the United States, the Yellow Coneflower is a favorite of landscaping professionals. This tall, slender plant provides a prominent yellow hue for any garden design. Its cheerful and airy appearance, somewhat similar to a daisy, and its ability to grow in almost all soil conditions make it the perfect choice for even the most novice homeowner.

Known formally as the Ratibida pinnata, this plant has distinctive yellow coneflowers that develop at the apex of its various stems. Each plant will have several soft yellow petals that droop down. At their center, you'll find a green cone in the early summer months that turns brown towards the late fall. This low-maintenance, durable plant is heat and flood resistant.

Its central cone hosts many seeds the plant uses for propagation. Many animals, including birds and butterflies, find these seeds to be tasty treats. This plant is deer and rabbit resistant. With its fibrous root system and long taproots, this plant will stay hardy and rebloom year after year.

Yellow Coneflower is a herbaceous perennial has long, hollow stocks that are dark green

Its leaves are in the form of a lance and are grainy to the touch. Also, with a dark green hue, these leaves will alternate along the plant's stem, with larger leaves appearing nearest to the plant's base. This bold yellow plant will reach a maximum height of just under two feet and a spread of around one to two feet at full maturity.

The Yellow Coneflower is commonly chosen as a bordering plant as it provides yellow rays similar to the sun and can grow out quickly. In its late season, this plant will let off a fruity smell that will be sure to please.

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