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Bluets Quaker Ladies

Bluets Quaker Ladies

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Climate zone: 3-8, Mature height: under 6 in, Sunlight: Full sun to part shade, Blooming season: Late spring to Early fall, Soil conditions: Various soils, Botanical name: Houstonia Caerulea, Ship as: Bareroot

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Bluets Quaker Ladies 

Bluets Quaker Ladies are wildflower that grows throughout the eastern United States. They are found in woods, field and along the roadside. They flower in late spring and have pale blue flower with a yellow center. Once established in the yard or garden they self-sow and grow well.
They like partial shade and acidic soil with moss. They grow well with moisture and sunlight too.

They grow in clumps and make a useful ground cover under taller flowers in gardens. In yards, they make great ground along the back or borders of the property. They can be planted around stepping stones, along garden paths, and besides other perennials in the garden.

Plant Height: two to eight inches

Soil Type: well-drained, sandy loam

Sun: Full Sun

They can be dug up and planted in another location. Cloudy days are best to do this. They can be planted in sunny or shady areas. It is easy to care for so is an excellent plant for a beginner or casual gardeners.

They grow well alongside azaleas and rhododendrons.They should be watered at least once a week. After a few years, they have had to be divided because they outgrew the space they are. They adapt well to most types of soil.Bluets are tiny flowers that can add a touch of color to any garden. They are blue, and the flower is only half an inch across. They have four petals, and the center of the leaves is a bright yellow color. They grow up to six inches, but they are shorter most of the time.They grow on stems that have tiny leaves on them, and there is a base of small leaves at the bottom as well. Only one flower grows on each stem. This flower spreads quickly and can easily be transplanted from one location to another. They can be used to cover the ground with taller flowers. They can be planted around stepping stones or along garden pathways.

Quaker Ladies, or Azure Bluets, are a beautiful, perennial species of flower to add to your landscaping project, primarily as a low ground cover for taller blooming species or an accent underneath large trees. They are found in the forest wilds of North America from eastern Canada to Texas, and their pure, colorful beauty and tendency to reseed themselves make them a great addition to any flower garden. Those stems clump together to give the wildflowers their "bouquet" look. They flower mostly in the spring, but some blossoms will open until early fall. The delicate flowers are about half to three-quarters of an inch wide. They vary in color from white to a light blue. Their central stamens are yellow, and four petals open from each bud. At the base of each stem is a cluster of small leaves, each about a half-inch long.
The best way to propagate them is to move the entire plant, including its roots, from one place to another on a cloudy day. They are great for lining walkways, surrounding stepping stones, and as accents to other woodland perennials. With its traditional, delicate look, adaptability to different soil and shade conditions, and its many uses, the Azure Bluet is a lovely, dynamic choice for your flower bed.

Bluets Quaker Ladies


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