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Christmas ferns are perennial evergreens. Although they are not actual Christmas trees, their compound leaves give the fern a silhouette closely resembling that of a Christmas tree.

Christmas Ferns

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Christmas Fern - Polystichum acrostichoides Hardy Planting Zones- 3-9 Sun or Shade – Part Shade to Full Shade Mature Height - 12-24" Mature Width- 12-24" Bloom Season – Non-flowering Gardener Status- Beginner

Christmas Ferns are perennial evergreens

They have tiny oval-shaped leaves that get smaller the farther from the roots they grow. Although they are not actual Christmas trees, their compound leaves give the fern a silhouette closely resembling that of a Christmas tree. The fact that they often remain green even in the snow and cold of December makes their name even more appropriate.

Although the Christmas fern is most well known for its winter appearance resembling a Christmas tree silhouette, they have different presentations during the year. Before they become the holiday image we expect of them, they emerge upright with an appearance resembling green spirals or snail shells. These spirals are commonly referred to as "fiddleheads." The fiddleheads slowly unfurl until they are ready to spread their leaves. Once the fern's fiddleheads are entirely dispersed, they begin to look like upright stems with lots of little leaves growing on of each side. It isn't until the cold sets in that the Christmas fern take on the iconic appearance they are known for. The stems flatten out onto the ground, and the leaves darken. Their darkened blades allow them to stand out against the white snow.

Christmas Ferns tend to prefer moist soil 

If a Christmas fern is not getting enough water, their leaves will begin to fall off. This makes it easy to observe how well a Christmas fern is being watered. As their name suggests, Christmas ferns are very cold resistant. They often add life to perennial gardens during the winter. While many plants and flowers remain dormant during the winter, Christmas ferns will provide color for the garden all year round.

Christmas Ferns can help prevent erosion by absorbing run-off water

These are great things to have around the house. They are evergreen ferns that are native to North America, primarily Canada. The small fern bush grows about 2 ft high and 1 ft wide. The plant reproduces via spores at the end of the fronds. This plant does best indoors in containers but can be placed outside under the shade. It is also a favorite Christmas gift to people because it is an evergreen. So see if we can help you.

Christmas Ferns


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