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Orange Daylily is a plant that will grow in a clump or colony.

Orange Daylily

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Orange Daylily - Hemerocallis fulva Hardy Planting Zones- 2-9 Sun or Shade – Full Sun Mature Height - 48" Mature Width- 20-24" Bloom Season – Early to Mid Summer (May to July) Gardener Status- Beginner

Orange Daylily will bring beauty to any environment 


Botanical Latin Name: Hemerocallis
Common Name: Orange Daylily
Sun Exposure: Full Sun
Mature Height: 1’
Spread 2-4.”
Spacing: Grow in Clumps
Growth Rate: Perennial
Flowering Time: Day to Night
How Long It Flowers: 24 hours
Flower Color: Orange
Soil Requirements: Drought tolerant
Pruning: Requires none
Flower Form:

Hemerocallis, the Greek name for “beautiful” are native to Eurasia. Part of the family of cultivars, Orange Daylilies are a widely seeded flower found throughout the Far East. The genus has become popular globally because of the robust quality of the stalk. Fragrant flowers make it a vital choice in hybridization programs. As Orange Daylilies bloom several times within one season, they are selected for their natural care, abundance in growth for public gardens and outdoor displays.

Orange Daylily grows in clumps

Each flower has a crown which blooms for a limited 24 hour period. Long, brilliant green, lanceolate leaves fan, and arch from the stems. Growing to a height of approximately a foot tall, Orange Daylilies are a regal perennial subject to continuous growth in a variety of climates. Orange Daylilies are known for proliferation by cloning, exact replication of the bio-constitution of its parent source. The flowers bloom adjacent to the former. The thick roots of the Orange Daylily are optimum for storage of food and water.

Orange Daylily is a very pleasing perennial to look at

The Orange Daylily is a plant that will grow in a clump or colony. All of the flowers will be on a long, slender stem that rises from the center of the factory. It is a wildflower and a perennial It has long, bright green foliage that is pleasing to look at. The blooms are a brilliant orange color with a yellowish center and are quite large. There is usually more than one flower on each stem. Orange Daylily has perfect flowers for any garden.

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