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Redbud Seedlings

Redbud Seedlings

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Redbud Seedlings

 The Redbud Seedlings profligate in hardy zones from 4-9 which means that the tree may grow almost anywhere in the eastern United States.
The tree does not do well in the arid regions of the west, mountainous areas, or in low sandy areas such as Miami or Orlando. The tree finds its origins in the forests of the eastern United States as an under story plant, meaning that it grew under the dense forest canopy as a shrub. Once taken out of the woods, the Red-bud extends to become a small tree with a mature height of 20-30 feet. 

The usual method of planting is to plant in the fall in fertile, moist soil in an area that will receive plenty of sun, though partially shaded areas will work as well.

Planting in the fall gives the tree the opportunity to grow an extensive root system during the winter months and emerge as a viable plant during the first spring. These trees grow swiftly and begin to flower within four to five years after planting. By years seven to eight, the trees start to produce seeds. Typically, the tree will reach full maturity within 12 years. 

The short trunk of the tree makes it an ideal candidate for use along parking strips as their height will not reach power or telephone lines. As an ornamental tree, the Red-bud grips the vision of any passerby and enhances the landscaping of parks, homes, and workplaces. 

The Red-bud is the first tree to bloom in the spring, usually in April.
The blossoms are prolific, covering every sweeping limb and, at times, the trunk. Ranging from pink to magenta to deep purple, the Red-bud blossoms resemble a pea and are edible with a slightly nutty flavor. As the flowers fade and drop away, a dark brown leaf with red trim emerges to grace the limbs with a delicate heart-shaped design. In the fall, the leaves turn green, then yellow providing beautiful color throughout the year.
Redbud Seedlings


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