Topiary Moss

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    Topiary Moss

    Posted by Levi Hastings on Aug 28, 2019

    this makes amazing statues

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Topiary Moss can Provide a Gorgeous Green Blanket of Beauty and When Fully Grown

It has graced many classic English gardens, and today, Topiary Moss remains a beautiful and enduring accent to one's rich landscape design. The moss comes from the large Bryophyta family and is often used to create unique, growing moss sculptures. The hardy plant can tough it out in inclement weather, so the planting zones aren't a problem, even where cold temperatures and precipitation occur. The planting rules are simple; Topiary Moss requires plenty of shade to thrive in and will need some attention with watering until the plant establishes itself in its new home. Other than that, you can marvel at its old-world beauty and the stunning ornamental ideas you can create for your landscape design. Topiary Moss doesn't need a babysitter.

Topiary Moss is Quite Versatile in its Unique Characteristics, Primarily because of its Shallow Roots

Topiary Moss does not require weeding or other time-consuming tasks, and it's not picky about soil conditions. You can water the plant with a toy squirt gun, and it will appreciate any form of nourishment that comes its the way. Lush, green Topiary Moss has been blessed with longevity, even during hot, dry summer months.

Topiary Moss has no limits as to what you can use it for

A lot of people design impressive sculptures by selecting an animal frame, for example.

These structures are often made with chicken wire and then covered with Topiary Moss. Some familiar Topiary Moss shapes include elephants, deer or bears, dogs, and even fantastical creatures like unicorns or dinosaurs from eons ago. The sky's the limit on what you can transform your moss plant into.


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