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Tulip Poplar Tree is a fast-growing tree that is often used for shade.

Tulip Poplar Tree

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Latin Name- Liriodendron Tulipifera Hardy Planting Zone- 4-9 Mature Height- 40-70 ft Width-15-25 Sun or Shade- Full to Partial Sunlight


Tulip Poplar Tree is a fast-growing tree that is often used for shade

Tulip Poplar Tree or Liriodendron Tulipifera is commonly known as the Yellow Poplar tree and is the tallest species of hardwood in North America. It is a very fast growing species, but unlike other fast-growing trees, the Tulip Polar does not suffer from weak wood or a short lifespan. The average leaves on this beautiful tree are 5-6 inches long and are heart or slightly wedged shaped.

Tulip Poplar Tree is an ornamental tree

As they bud in the spring, they are light green, but by the summer months, they are a brilliant green. In fall, they turn a crisp, bright yellow. During the summer months, there are tulip-shaped flowers that bloom, measuring approximately 1-2 inches. These beautiful flowers have six yellowish-green petals with an orange flare at the base. This graceful tree has played a significant part in history as well. George Washington planted numerous Tulip Poplar trees at Mount Vernon, and they now stand approximately 140 feet tall. Thomas Jefferson described the Tulip Poplar tree as “the Juno of our Groves” when he spoke of the trees he had just planted at Monticello.

Tulip Poplar Tree is also treasured in European gardens and parks

 This is a great fall tree. This tree turns a lovely yellow coloration in the fall and can accent trees like the maple that becomes a red color. This plant also is a great shade tree. This plant can grow in both full sunlight and partial shade and can adapt too many soil types. When it is fully developed, it can reach 70 ft high. In the best conditions, this fast-growing tree can grow 6 ft every year. This plant attracts many types of birds.

 Tulip Poplar Tree

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