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​Tips for a successful Perennial Garden

​Tips for a successful Perennial Garden

Posted by Tammy Sons on 8th Mar 2019

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Tips for a successful Perennial Garden

The annual return of perennial blooms is one of the greatest delights for both beginner and expert gardeners. While their foliage provides beauty throughout the year, their blossoms bring added joy when they appear for one or two seasons each year. Follow these tips to help your own perennial garden thrive.

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Start with Soil

Good soil is the foundation of a successful perennial garden. The soil should not be too sticky or sandy, and it should contain enough organic matter to feed plant roots and allow for good irrigation and draining.

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Make Smart Purchases

Shop for perennial plants from a trusted source, and resist the temptation to take wildflowers from native areas. Instead, purchase them from a reputable company to ensure your plants are healthy.

Plan Your Planting

Design your garden so all of your plants can be seen and enjoyed. Fill the middle of an island bed or border with medium-height plants, and nestle smaller plants where they won't be overtaken by taller flowers. This design will give your perennial garden a lovely sense of order, but do not be too rigid. Use this scheme as a guideline, but don't be afraid to experiment.

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Consider Sun and Shade

Carefully consider the amount of sunlight needed by your plants. Some plants require full sun to thrive, but others crave shade. As you select plants for your garden, keep in mind these different requirements and plan accordingly.

Stimulate Growth with Fertilizer

Fertilizer is food for your plants and stimulates taller growth. Work a small amount around each plant in spring and repeat once a month if necessary.

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Practice Regular Weed Control Care

Not all perennials are welcome in a garden. Perennial weeds can product thousands of seeds in a season, and they continue to regrow year after year if proper weed control care is not practiced. Banish weeds from your garden for good by pulling them out at the root. Remove the entire root system before planting your desired plants each season. Even the smallest bit of root can cause an explosion of weeds. Regularly repeat this process of pulling throughout the growing season to keep your garden beautiful and free of weeds.