Evergreen Trees

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Evergreen trees not only lend year-round greenery to a garden but contribute beautiful shapes, textures and even smells. Many are excellent for hedges, and small conifers can be bought inexpensively and efficiently planted. Many are fast-growing and create a lush, dense hedge in a surprisingly short time. One attractive tip is to plant a conifer hedge and a low wall to hide any barren spots below the plants.

Evergreen trees are also excellent choices for low maintenance gardens

Most evergreen trees do not need much pruning. Indeed, many should not be pruned heavily at all unless their branches are broken or diseased. They grow naturally into pyramids and columns or as prostrate plants. The good idea is to plant them with other low-maintenance plants such as heather and native grasses. They look good in entryway gardens and island beds. Single specimens can plant in their beds, which can enlarge as the plant grows.

Evergreen trees to consider for the garden include:

Blue cedar: This evergreen tree grows to over 50 feet tall and has a spread of over 15 feet. It is suitable for a large garden or lawn. It has lovely, blue-green foliage.
Lawson cypress: This tree can grow to 70 feet tall, though smaller trees grow to about 10 feet tall and 2 feet wide. It has a columnar habit, beautiful sprays of gray-green needles and smells like parsley. The cones are small, round, and bluish-gray.
Juniper: This is a significant family of trees with aromatic needles. They can grow to 60 feet tall, but there are dwarf specimens. Junipers have gray-green berries used as the spice.
Pine: This is also a massive family of trees. They include the prostrate mugo pine, the tall loblolly with its long needles and the lacebark pine which has beautiful, mottled bark.
Yew: The yew is an excellent evergreen conifer to use for hedges. It lives a long time and has dark green needles.

Evergreen Trees stays green and lush year round


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