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Moss velvety beauty and the fact that most species don’t like too much sun makes it an ideal plant for a shade garden. It is also a singularly hardy plant.

It can be shipped, and if the gardener can’t install it right away, it can be put in the fridge or freezer until the time is right. It can be whirled up in a blender with some beer, poured into a spot in the garden or painted onto a terra cotta pot and still grow beautifully. Besides being useful for a shady spot, moss is a solution to that area in the garden that’s a bit damp and acidic and where little else can grow.

Moss also is very unusual, it reproduces by spores instead of seeds. It does not have roots and gets its nutrients from the rain and air. It needs just enough light to perform photosynthesis. Even if it dries out, it just needs a spritz of water to revive. Other than this, it needs very little care also as it has the look of a lush, green carpet that feels delicious beneath bare feet.
There are many kinds of moss, including carpet moss; used for large areas in the garden. Carpet moss changes color as it ages. It begins as a bright green-gold then darkens to emerald.

Easiest Mosses To Grow With Low Maintenance: - carpet moss, cushion moss, sheet moss, hedwigia moss

It has a silvery sheen to it. Rock cap moss is not only good for a shade garden, but for a rock garden. It can be painted on stones and boulders, where it will happily grow.

A gardener who wants a bit of height to their moss can consider haircap moss, which can grow taller than a foot but is usually found in heights of between 2 and 7 inches. The botanical name for this type of moss is the fascinating Polytrichum commune.

How To Make Topiaries From Mosses Instead Of Trees Or Bushes

Creating beautiful topiaries from moss instead of a bush or tree is possible when you follow the steps below. The texture and style of a topiary changing dramatically when you use moss, and you will have something to talk about when people come over and see your fantastic artwork. The steps listed below are only the beginning. You can use as many mosses as you want, you can mix and match colors, or you could allow the moss to hang instead of stuffing it into the frame.


You Need A Wire Frame


The topiary that you create will start with a pot of some kind. Typically, a tree or bush would be standing in the pot, but moss does not have a branch to use as a base. Instead, you must use a wireframe as the basis of your topiary. The wireframe does not need to be the specific shape of your finished topiary. However, some sculptures may require a very specific topiary.


Which Moss Are You Using?


The moss that you use could vary from carpet moss to cushion moss or any other style that intrigues you. Decide which mosses you want to use, but remember that they do not all work well as topiary moss. If the moss does not fit into your frame or mold even after it has been soaked, you need to use something else.


How Does The Moss Fit Into The Frame?


To make the moss pliable, you should wet it in a bucket first. You can let it drip dry for a bit before it is shoved into the frame, and you must ensure that the moss is sticking to the wires inside the frame. When the moss is still a bit wet, it will stick to anything that it can, and that is why the most cannot be completely dry when you create your mold or shape.


When you are shaping your carpet moss, remember that you must fill up the frame as much as you can. The moss will begin to fall back into the mold or frame if you have not filled the interior.


Care Of The Moss


You must water and care for the moss carefully, and you must ensure that it only gets a little bit of light every day. If the moss gets too dry, it will die. However, the moss will not thrive if it never sees the light of day.




The topiary moss that you want to create can use anything from cushion moss to your favorite moss that has a fantastic texture and color. You can use your creativity to make any sculpture you want, and you can consistently trim/water the moss to keep it healthy.

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