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Mood Moss - 5 Square Feet

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Customer Reviews

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Frances Faulk

Get it? Instead of girls? Anyway, I love your moss! It is thriving and the little flowers that came with are also (Hepatica, Bluets and creeping phlox). They have not bloomed and separating the roots were a tedious project, but they emerged victorious and healthy. Thanks so much for the excellent products! I will be recommending you guys to anyone wanting live moss and flowers. Thank you! - Frankie :)

Daisy Pekin
all good!

all my mosses came in good condition, tho' all were labeled "moos"! 😂

Joe Gaetz
MOOD MOSS 5 sq ft

I have this installed in my mini rock garden. It was only for a day but did not think of dismantling it. I looks good when it stays the entire season.

Mood Moss is a Very Creative Moss

Mood Moss is a very thick, abundant, and colorful plant. You can use mood moss for different garden activities such as decorating for rock gardens, dish gardens, fairy gardens, craft projects, water features, interior or exterior landscaping, which could happen naturally, or other art-related and creative ideas.

Mood Moss is a Low-Laying Moss

Mood Moss is delicate, a low-laying variety that does well in zones 4 to 10. The name comes from its altering appearance, depending on the moisture level. It matures in about six months and spreads quickly, with growth between 3 and 4 inches.

This plant loves the shade and thrives in areas without foot traffic. Once established, mood moss is drought tolerant too. Unique with a thick, fluffy appearance, it brings added interest to forest edges and gardens. It works in rock gardens, potted plants, dish gardens, or ground cover.

Another use is as an accent in floral arrangements.

Mood Moss is Perfect for Outdoor Terrariums, Outdoor Landscapes, Indoor Projects, and Rock Gardens

Maintenance for this lush plant is low as it requires minimal watering. The moss should be moist when first established in a new location to optimize growth. It can be sprayed lightly with water to prevent it from becoming too dry for six months.

Once it takes to hold the mood, moss is remarkably resistant to drought and other arid temperaments. Do not keep the plant in direct sunlight. It prefers an environment that provides natural light that is bright yet indirect. It will also flourish in shady areas at an optimal temperature between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Its trademark name, "mood," describes the changes in appearance the moss undergoes when exposed to different humidity levels. It is noticeably irregular and wispy-looking when dry and more full and strongly curved when wet.

That makes it the perfect plant for outdoor terrariums, outdoor landscapes, indoor projects, rock gardens, and much more. The mood moss is also supportive and works well to display exotic plants or house reptiles in an enclosed terrarium.

No matter the place or time of year, mood moss is a beautiful addition to any home or living space and looks great in small and large quantities.

Mood Moss is For Sale at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery with Fast Shipping and Low Rates

Mood Moss is a Common Moss used in Terrariums and Vivariums. It grows from spores and does not have root systems or vascular tissue to transfer water or nutrients throughout the plant. The type of moss you need depends on what you need and requires low maintenance.

Mood Moss has three common types.

"Just Picked" Mood Moss

Used for planting

Dried Mood Moss

Craft Projects

Soil cover for potted plants

Flower Arrangements

Preserved Mood Moss

Wall Art


A "Just Picked" Mood Moss requires some growth rules. Mood Moss does not need sun; it prefers shade and indirect lighting. Moss obtains its nutrients from the air, making humidity an essential factor for it to grow.

As we all know, it is hard to control moisture, but if the area is continuously moisturized, there will be no problem. However, water features will raise the humidity and an automated misting system.

If you bought a Mood Moss and are still preparing to use it, you can put it in a freezer to maintain its life until you feel ready.

Mood Moss is For Sale at TN Wholesale Nursery with Low Prices and Fast Shipping