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Beautify Your Garden With Perennials

If you are looking to plant a garden or improve your existing one you should consider including perennials. The perennial is the reincarnating miracle of the gardeners' paradise. This is a flower of choice to many amateur and professional gardeners for centuries of floral bliss. But not all perennials are created equal, and not all perennials need the same treatment. That's what we are here for. Below listed are different types of these gorgeous plants so you can decide which one will perfect your lovely flower bed.

These flowers come in a dusty blue to indigo shade with a lily or bell blossom shape. Agapanthus flowers can be found in South Africa thriving under the shadow of trees and away from the hot sun. To successfully grow these flowers they need soil that is not over enriched and lots of water during their growing season. They need a warm environment but not direct sun.

Perennials comes in shade and sun varieties



These flowers can be found in the marshy and boggy soils of Europe and Asia. The beauty of the Ligularia is the variety of colors you have to choose from. Ligularia blossoms can be blue, green, pink, orange, red, white, purple or yellow. The petals have a tongue like a shape hence their name. These flowers are more delicate of the Perennial species. They need shade to survive and will not make it in dry soil.
Blanket Flower
Blanket flowers are another high pick to add a pop of color to your garden. These blossoms can produce an orange, purple, red, white or yellow in color. The buds are a lovely daisy shape. Find a hot spot with soil that drains well and these flowers will love you. Blanket Flower is a very hardy plant and is drought resistant which makes it a favorite for dryer climates.

Regardless of what you wish to do, a Mediterranean, wildflower perennials or contemporary garden or just want to create something all your own; these flowers will finish off your entire look and brighten your day with their beauty. Perennials are the crowning jewels of any classy garden.